Papua and New Guinea patrol reports, (29 Aug) 1922 - 1955 (Nov. 26) [microform].

Series: Australian Archives (ACT) : CRS ; A7034 (1922-55)Publisher: Canberra : Australian Archives, A.C.T., 1987.Description: 7 rolls microfilm : negative, ill., maps ; 15 cm.
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For listing of Contents, see pamphlet: pKXG [PAP-]. - WARNING typing errors on title-pages for each item; some edited in [...] Includes 218 patrol reports on the mainland and on New Britain (see contents listed below). Administrative control: 1922-1923: Prime Minister's Department; 1923-1928: Department of Home and Territories, Central Office; 1928-1941: Territories Branch, Prime Minister's Department; 1941-1951: Department of External Territories [I], Central Office; 1951-1955: Department of Territories [I], Central Office. - Use as abbreviated citation: AA: CRS A7034. - Contents: - Roll 1 (M16037):- Item 1, Extracts of report on patrol north and west of mt. Yule and along the Kunimaipa valley by P.O. Hides and O'Malley junior. Central Division.1933; Item 2, Kunimaipa, mount Yule, Uni and Karuama districts, dentral division - O'Malley A.R.M. and Rodger, P.O. [5 Jan - 6 March, 1938]; Item 3, Extracts from patrol to Tauri and Tiveri river headwaters, including notes on the people of the Kiapou, P.O. Gides [!i.e. Hides], J.G. 1931. Gulf Divisions; Item 4, Patrol report no 7, 1936/1937. Tax collecting. Misima. Milne bay. Native collector Barton; Item 5, Strickland-Purari patrol [J.G. Hides and L.J. O'Malley - 10 Dec 1934 to 17 June 1935]; Item 6, The Bamu-Purari expedition. Papua - Ivan Champion A.R.M. [1 April - 31 Dec 1936]; Item 7, Ascent of mt. Albert Edward. Northern Division. Hides and Pullen. [14-16 May 1927]; Item 8, Ascent of mount Albert Edward by Champion and Smith. Northern Division. 1929; Item 8A, Ascent of mt. Victoria by patrol officer Smith. Central Division. 1930 [27 October - 6 November 1929]; Item 9, Ascent of Wharton range, mt. Scratchley and mt. Victoria by P.O. Middleton. Northern and Central Divisions. [9 July - 15 ? (n.d.)]; Item 10, The grasslanders. Central highlands. F.E. Williams. 1939; Item 11, Establishment of first police camp at lake Kutubu. 1938. Central highlands. Ivan Champion; Item 12, Lake Kutubu patrol. No. 4 of 1937-1938. Central highlands. C. Champion; Item 13, Patrol to ascertain the possibility of locating a direct route to the Sepik river. No A3 of 1932- 33. Sepik district. P.O. E.W. Oakley; Item 14, Patrol report. Ambunti to the Sepik-Dutch border, and approximately 10 miles of the Yellow r[iver]. No. A4 of 1932-33. Sepik district. E.D. Robinson; Item 15, Patrol report of Middle river and Kabriman area. 9 March 1933. Sepik district. A.D.O. E. D. Robinson; Item 16, Patrol report to the hinterland of Sissano. No A8/1932-1933. Sepik district. P.O. K. Thomas; Item 17, Patrol of Ambukanja and Kumum areas, Wewak sub-district. Aug. 33. Sepik district. P.O. K. Thomas; Item 18, Special investigation Korosomeri river area no. S.D. 5/1933-34. Sepik district. A.A.D. G. Keogh. Med. ass{istan]t A. Coomber; Item 19, Report on partol [!] to east Wapi. Sepik division. H.G. Verey. [28 November - 14 December 1935]; Item 20, Report of patrol to the Yellow river base. Sepik division. - J.K. McCarthy. [28 June - 27 July, year?]; Item 21, Patrol report no. A3/32-33: South Wapi extending to the Sepik river, by M. Oakley and Mr. Eve. [August - October 1932]; Item 22, Dunitive expedition to Nakanai Bainings - Talasia district, Aug. 1922. A.W. Winstone. New Britain; Item 23, Gasmata - Talasea district. No. Y7/1932-33 New Britain. P./O. Niall; Item 24, Western half of the Talasea district. No. MY 1/1921-33. New Britain. A/P. O. Niall [31 May - 12 September 1932]; Item 25, Patrol report of Arawe, Rauto, Passismanua and Gasmata. Divisions of Gasmata sub-district G4/1932- 33. New Britain. A/A.D.O. J.E. Daymond; Item 26, Sing Sing at Alimpit river. Base camp. Passismanua area. New Britain. A/A.D.O. Daymond (15 Apr.) 1933; END OF ROLL 1. - Roll 2 (M16038):- Item 27, Patrols in sub-divisions west of Kokopo. No. K1/1933 -34. New Britain. A.D/O B. Calcutt; Item 28, Long island and s[outh] east portion of sub-division 7 - Rai coast. Aug. - Sept. 1932. Madang district. A Nurton; Item 29, Patrol report of the Madangc district. Marriage customs and language groups. No. M8 of 1932-33. P.O. A.A. Bloxham; Item 30, Report on Ramu, Purari areas, March 1933. Morobe district. J.L. Taylor; Item 31, Investigation of the Leahy Bros. incident. Tauri river. Aug. 1932. Morobe district. J.K. McCarthy; Item 32, Report of a patrol through the area inhabited by Manki tribe of natives, upper Watut, May, 1933, Morobi district. P.O. K.W.T. Bridge; Item 33, Patrol report of Ramu government post to Purani government post. 1st June, 1933. Morobe district. P.O. C.D. Bates; Item 34A, Patrol report. Isimb, Langimar, Vailala and Tauri rivers. Marobi district. P/O J.K. McCarthy. 26 April 1933; Item 34B, Patrol report of Isimb, Vailala, Langimar, Tauri and Surprise creek headwaters. No. B19 of 1932/33. Morobe district. J.K. McCarthy; Item 35, Notes on natives encountered during patrol in upper Watut area. June 1933. Morobe district. P.O. K.W.T. Bridge; Item 36, Patrol report of Sofa valley and upper Purari. No. 25 of 1932/1933. Morobe district. P.O. C.D. Bates; Item 37, Unexplored country south of the Kamu police post. No. B2/1933/34. Morobe district. P.O. A. Nurton; Item 38, Patrol of upper Ramu to Biakira and Kambadidan. No. B3/1933-34. Morobe district. A.F. Kyle; Item 39, Patrol report of unexplored area south of upper Ramu base camp. No. 2 of 1933/34. Morobe district. P.O. Nurton; Item 40, Patrol north east and north of upper Ramu police post. No. B4/1933-34. Morobe district. P.O. A.F. Kyle; Item 41, Patrol of area lying between theD base camp and Markham river. B5/1933-34. Morobe district. P.O. C.D. Bates; Item 42, Report of patrol to north-west and west of Ramu base camp, Sept. 1933. B7/1933-34. Morobe district. A.Asst. D.O. Kyle; Item 43, Tauri-Langimar partol [!]: progress report August 1933 and Sept. 1933. Morobe. J.K. McCarthy; Item 44, Patrol to the Tauri river. No. 15 of 1933-1934. Morobe district. P.O. McCarthy and Black.; Item 45, Patrol of area south of the Watut river known as the Baum country and the Kapan headwaters. No. 23/1933-1934. Morobe district. Bridge and Black; Item 46, Patrol to villages of the Late creek, Gumi, Kabu and Langimar area. 1934. Morobe district. Bridge and Edwards; Item 47, Report on the native position in the upper Kamu area, Morobe district, March 1934. A. Nurton, P.O.; Item 48, Activities in the Purani area. B10/ 1934. Morobe district. J.R. Black; Item 49, Report of patrol from Finintegu base camp. B16/1934-35. Morobe. A/P.O. Black; Item 50, Monthly intelligence report for Otibanda post Morobe district, March, 1934; Item 51, Report on the native inhabitants of the Chimbu valley. No.B40/1934/35. Morobe. A.A. Roberts; Item 52, Patrol report no. 41/1934-35. Leron, Erap, Onga, Puntibasa, Gadsup and Narawain sub-divisions. Morobe district. P.O. R.M. Farlow; Item 53, Patrol from Kobakini post embracing Kapau, Kabu and Kareeba watersheds. Sept. - Oct. 1937. Morobe division. J.S. Milligan; Item 54, Report of attacks on patrol party and on Kobakini base camp by natives of Towedo and Hogeneiwa. Morobe district. J.S. Milligan. (22 Nov.) 1937; Item 55, The central highlands of New Guinea by Michael Leahy. (21 Nov) 1935; Item 56, Preliminary report of patrol to headwaters of Purari r[iver]. Morobe. A.D.O. Taylor. [28 March - 19 October 1933] [Much material on tribal groups]; Item 57, Monthly report for April, 1934. Morobe district; Item 58, Monthly report for June, 1934. Morobe district. R. Melrose. END OF ROLL 2. - Roll 3 (M16039):- Item 59, J.A. Thurston expedition across New Guinea via Sepik and Fly rivers. Sepik, central highlands and western division [April-September, 1942]; Item 60, Special investigation report: attack by Porei natives on government patrol. Gulf division. E.G. Hicks; Item 61, Patrol report no. 1/1952/53 Bougainville district. T.J. Leabeater, Patrol Officer. Buka passage. Sailo-Teop sub-division; Item 62, Attack on upper Purari patrol. Feb. 1951. Delta division. H.E. Clark; Item 63, Milne bay 1/1952/53. Gwele and Sona linguistic districts, with quick inspections of coastal villages on return to station. A.R.M. Skewes; Item 64, Milne bay (Baniara) 1/1952/53. Paiwa, Gadobora, Gairen and Tirinto linguistic.